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Zucchini the Dog

Zucchini The Dog is a most remarkable dog. Just ask her! Read More

Billy Bryan Starts a Zoo!

An orphaned American black bear cub named Billy Bryan… Read More

Zachary Learns About Animal Time

Follow the adventures of young Zachary as he discovers… Read More

Kantu: Unsafe in Africa

How is it possible that the largest animal on earth could… Read More

Jack and His Pink Duck

Jack just can’t decide on what kind of pet he wants to get. Read More

Don't Call Me Bunny!

Say hello to Harper, an arctic hare. He’s bigger, stronger, faster and Read More

The Perilous Adventures of Time Travel

Thirteen-year-old Sam’s parents… Read More

Hidden Heroes

America was born of a revolution in 1775. It began with a Read More

The Sea Gulls Are Calling

Lexie and her older brother, Bill, are sailing from…Read More

Sam and the Pixie

Sam has known since her 5th birthday that Pixies are real. Read More

Shop-Town Tales, Volume 1

Welcome to Shop-Town! You’re invited to come on in and… Read More

Shop-Town Tales, Volume 2

 Meet Tillie Tiger, Katrina Kangaroo, Leon Lion and… Read More

Shop-Town Tales, Volume 3

Learn that a true friend is loyal, kind, generous, and patient… Read More

Shop-Town Tales, Volume 4

Meet a new group of friendly animals: Dalila Duck… Read More

The Adventures of Peter the Squirrel

Peter the Squirrel is a fun-loving youngster who lives… Read More

Catch the Watercolored Wind

In 1617, eleven-year-old Jeremiah Clements arrived on… Read More

Reaching Beyond the Waves

In October 1942, a B-17 carrying a crew and passengers… Read More

Oh, No! Farts, Burps and Poop

Andy has a problem. His over-active… Read More

Kua's Day on the Mesa

Meet Kua, a young Ancient Pueblan boy who lived… Read More

Family Day on the Mesa

In this second volume of the series, you’ll follow Kua… Read More

Danger in Disguise

J. C. van Winkler and Smity the Ghost board the… Read More

Extraordinary Military Kids

This workbook for and about military kids. Read More

Mr. Rick the Fix-It Bee

Mr. Rick is a wonderful Bumble Bee who lives with his… Read More

Prairie Points

The Christoph Dully family entered the New World…. Read More

Tales from the Piney Forest

Suzy Sue is an adorable… Read More

High on the Saddle

Share the special bond of an… Read More

Mick's Dreams

This is a story of a young boy… Read More

Graham's Shiny Things

Graham discovers 10 shiny… Read More

A New Life for Katie?

Katie tries to decide what she… Read More

Noah's Neighbor

Noah learns the value of being a… Read More

Swim, Alison Swim

Follow the adventures of Allison… Read More

Smile and Say, "Lettuce!"

Follow the adventures of Gerry… Read More

Fred the Lopsided Loggerhead

Follow the adventures of Fred… Read More

Fun with Statistics

Fun with Statistics is the first… Read More

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