About Paloma Books

Our Mission:

To publish books that are fun, educational, and age-appropriate for children everywhere and to provide a place for new and experienced children’s authors alike to get their work polished, published, and distributed.


Our name comes from an adorable four-year-old child we met just about the time we decided to add a children’s book imprint to our parent company, L & R Publishing. In many ways, we too are learning to walk and talk in the world of children’s books…and having a lot of fun doing so. Fortunately, Paloma Books’ parents have over 20 years in the publishing industry.

Our authors may not yet be internationally renowned or have a New York Times bestseller they can boast about, but they know and care about children and children’s literature. They are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and professional authors who have written wonderful stories to be read aloud to little ones at night.

All or our Paloma Books authors participate in our Author Partner Program. To learn more, download our Author Partner Program FAQs (coming soon!).