The Adventures of Peter the Squirrel

Peter the Squirrel is a fun-loving youngster who lives with his family in a beautiful oak tree. In his latest adventures, Peter gets a new bike and must learn to ride it without training wheels. He also finds out what to do when he gets lost. And, finally, he takes a risk by trying out a new food.

Each adventure teaches Peter a wonderful life lesson. His hope is that you, too, will learn and grow with these stories!

About the Author

Jeni Bea Hopkins has long had a passion for writing, particularly passing on stories and memories. She has published numerous articles on various subjects and has authored three books: The Adventures of Peter the Squirrel, Growing Up War Eagle: The Story of Billy and Lucy Sharp and Raising Razorbacks: A Collection of Burnett Stories. telling stories to her two children Hailey Jo and Hayden.