Extraordinary Military Kids: A Workbook

Extraordinary Military Kids is a workbook for and about military kids. This interactive book introduces Mike and his military friends using different activities that kids can complete by themselves or with their parents. Mike takes kids on a journey of his military life, provides statistics about military kids, validates emotions and experiences, and encourages kids to explore and narrate their own military journey. Kids will enjoy the bright illustrations and activities embedded within every page, and parents will appreciate the engaging activities they can work on with their kids!

About the Author and Illustrator

Megan Numbers, MA, LPC is a military spouse, grew up in a military family, and has 2 military kids of her own. She works as counselor for military children and families near Fort Bragg, NC. Her passion for working with military kids grew as she embarked on her dream of becoming a play therapist and earning her doctorate in counselor education and supervision. Megan quickly realized that military kids had limited resources that both illuminated the challenges they faced and provided concrete interventions to help them through military-related struggles. She saw a need for a resource and started developing this book that is loosely based on the stories of military kids she knows.

Jax Bennett has always had a passion for both creating art and helping others. She’s grateful to have made a career that has married the two together. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design, Jax went on to earn her Master of Science in Art Therapy at Florida State University. As a Licensed Professional Counselor for the state of North Carolina and a Registered Play Therapist, Jax spends her days guiding and supporting children and teens through their therapeutic journeys. Jax also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, creating art, and going to the beach