Mr. Rick the Fix-It Bee

Mr. Rick is a wonderful Bumble Bee who lives with his wife Miss Pat-Pat in the Piney Forest. He is the best kind of neighbor: Always willing to help; very skilled in many areas; and a born problem solver who has six arms (three to a side), which allows him to give three times as many hugs!

The inhabitants of the Piney Forest are, for the most part, kind and caring folk. Well, except for Jerrell the Skunk, that is!

He is a mean son-of-a-gun who is about to get taught a very valuable lesson.

So join Mr. Rick, Miss Pat-Pat, Dr. Tobbie, Molly Mouse, Cheeks, Rosey, Posey—and all the rest who call Piney Forest home—for one unforgettable adventure!

About the Author

Sheryl Jones was born and raised in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas. She wrote her first story at the age of eight and has never stopped. She taught writing for twenty-three years and has written numerous children’s books and short stories for young readers, including four children’s books for Sea Turtle Incorporated, a sea turtle rescue organization.