Danger in Disguise

J. C. van Winkler and Smity the Ghost board the Starlight Laser Express as they begin another time-warped adventure together. The duo race from one exciting exploit to another—visiting the Swiss Alps, Germany’s Christmas Markets, Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as well as the Normandy area from WWII, Venice and Rome, Greece’s incredible island of Santorini as well as Athens, and Spain’s extraordinary Barcelona before returning to America’s “Big Apple.”

Each stop provides a danger in disguise as J.C. and Smitty assist victims—who are in distraught predicaments—until the two arrive at their final destiny in New York City. Ultimately, now, the readers are able to view the significance of saving each of the victim’s life as the entire plot is finally uncovered. Ride the Starlight and experience the latest time-travel saga of J.C. and Smitty.

About the Author

Jan Frazier has been in the field of education for over forty years – first in secondary schools and most recently at the university level. She has taken students to Europe for many years and believes that only so much can be taught within the four walls of the classroom. Jan has been honored with various awards for teaching as well as for her writing abilities. She has twenty-three books to her credit.