Shop-Town Tales, Volume 3

Welcome to Shop-Town! You’re invited to come on in and meet a new group of friendly animals: Beatrice the Bunny, Olivia Ostrich, Sophie the Squirrel, Tobias the Tortoise, and Lucy Lamb.

In this book you will learn that a true friend is loyal, kind, generous, and patient. You will also learn about some famous people in our history books that can inspire you to be the best person you can be!

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About the Author

Dee Shaub began story-telling at the age of twelve to entertain her younger siblings. Through many years of teaching creative writing, she developed a talent for creating humorous storylines with unforgettable characters while promoting universal moral values. Because of her flare for using rhyming verse, her students often referred to her as the “female Dr. Seuss”! Dee enhances her stories with priceless life lessons to be enjoyed by all children, parents, and grandparents