Hidden Heroes

America was born of a revolution in 1775. It began with a single shot fired in a small New England village — Lexington, Massachusetts — with “the shot heard ’round the world.” Nathan Hoyt and Job, one of his eleven children, left to find George Washington and sign up as Patriots to fight for what was soon-to-be America.

Previously, there had been no colonial army, so no one knew the hardships, tears, blood, and fears that were to come in the American Revolution. Would the Patriots still have signed up? In a one-word answer — YES! They would fight for this country that they loved.

General George Washington saw in Nathan Hoyt something special, and Hoyt was soon asked to join the elite Culper Ring — a spy ring that was run directly by George Washington. The Culper Ring risked their lives daily as they presented themselves as Loyalists (those who were loyal to the crown) and got intelligence messages to the General. Needless to say, the seven members of the Culper Ring were, indeed, Hidden Heroes.

About the Author

Jan Frazier has been in the field of education for over forty years – first in secondary schools and most recently at the university level. She has taken students to Europe for many years and believes that only so much can be taught within the four walls of the classroom. Jan has been honored with various awards for teaching as well as for her writing abilities. She has twenty-three books to her credit.